Pre Launch

Pre-launch offers at Utsav Homes Balewadi

Offered through SMS, emails, brokers and social media, pre-launch projects are extremely popular across India. It is hard to resist such an offer since the price that the property may present is affordable. Fortunately,  Utsav Homes Balewadi decided to go with the trend and offer a 30% discount on our units compared to our original market price!

Utsav Homes Balewadi’s layout and building plans are already approved, so rest assured that you will be buying legally. Take a look at the available pre-launch projects we offer. Hurry and talk to one of our agents and take advantage of the massive sale now!

Studio unit

Are you a single and an independent person looking for a place to live while enjoying solitude? Our studio unit might be the perfect place for you! We also urge students to get this unit since the property is located near the top schools in the city. The cosy studio unit has a serene vibe, perfect for diligent students and young workers.

1 bedroom unit

Utsav Homes Balewadi’s 1 BR unit is perfect for couples who are starting their life together or for best friends who enjoy each other’s company. Contact one of our agents or go to our contact page to request the floor plan.

2 bedroom unit

The 2 BR unit of Utsav Homes Balewadi is perfect for a family who wants to have an easy and comfy lifestyle in the city. The master bedroom has its own bath and a living room that offers a great view of the city. 

3 bedroom unit

If you have a growing family or are planning to live together with friends or, Utsav Homes Balewadi’s 3 BR unit is the perfect place for you. It has a luxe, modern and spacious interior, ideal for those who are living with kids or pets. 

Why you should buy a pre-launched condo unit

Buying a pre-launch condo unit has an array of benefits so if you are still doubting whether or not you should purchase one, check out the reasons that might convince you otherwise:

  • Big discounts: When you get pre-launch offers, chances are you are getting the best deals since the developers will offer huge discounts
  • Customize your unit: If you buy a unit before it is even finished, you can get a chance to customize the place the way you want it as one of your perks of getting the pre-launch offer
  • Lucrative investment: Buying the property at the earliest convenience gives you the benefit of securing it before the rates go high

Inquire and talk to one of our agents now so you can have a chance to get massive discounts and huge benefits when you purchase one of our pre-launch units. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form on our contact page.